Connected Places Podcast


Connected Places is a podcast about the future of our towns, cities and transport systems. In each episode Greg speaks to thought leaders, senior industry figures, innovators and businesses from around the world about the new technologies that are shaping the places of tomorrow. 


6th August 2020

Across 6 episodes we’ll be looking into the future of planning, housing, real estate, mobility, town centres and innovation economies. We’ll be asking businesses and innovators how...

Episode 1 - “What now for the future of planning?

19th August 2020

How do we plan the places of tomorrow? Where is the digitisation of the planning system taking us? What skills will the planner of the future need? And how is COVID-19...

Episode 2 - “What now for the innovation economy and places?"

27th August 2020

How does innovation happen in places? What does it mean for a place to be an innovation location? And how important... 

Episode 3 - "What now for public transport?"

3rd September 2020

As we gradually start getting back onto trains, buses, trams and tubes how will we get safely from A to B? What does the COVID-19...

Episode 4: "What now for cities and city centres?"

10th September 2020

Some profound changes are happening in our city centres, and the pandemic is certainly playing a big part. Activity and footfall in our shops, restaurants, and central business districts have plummeted in recent months. Yet, some of these changes have been rumbling away for years...

Episode 5: "What now for Housing And Wellbeing?"

17th September 2020

If there’s one place we’ve all been spending a lot more time in during lockdown, it’s our homes. As we’ve been spending more time in our homes, many of us have been thinking about them more too, and whether the places where we live are adding or subtracting to the quality of our lives.

Episode 6: "What now for Real Estate?"

1st October 2020

The pandemic has had a huge impact on our built environment, but so too has the economic fallout. Any economic recovery, whenever or however it may come, is going to rely on our ability to create...

Episode 7: 2020, A Year in Review

17th December 2020

What a year 2020 has been! On so many levels we’ve all had to pause, reflect, pivot, reimagine and rethink almost everything we do.

Episode 8 – In conversation with Andy Byford, London’s Transport Commissioner

5th January 2021

We’ll be exploring where the opportunities lie for innovation in how we imagine, design and operate the transport systems of tomorrow? What’s the role of a public transport authority in managing the post-COVID economic recovery? What now for urban mobility in London and how can other UK cities learn from overseas? 

Episode 9 – Health is made at home, a conversation with Lord Nigel Crisp

4th February 2021

In this episode Professor Greg Clark speaks to Lord Nigel Crisp, former Chief Executive of the NHS and an independent crossbench peer in the House of Lords. We’ll be exploring the question of living a healthy life, not just in terms of avoiding sickness and disease, but creating health where...

Episode 10 - A conversation with Professor Lynda Gratton

18th February 2021

In this episode Prof. Greg Clark speaks to Prof. Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practise at the London Business School (LBS) and best-selling author. We’ll be exploring what we need to do now if we are to live to 100. What do businesses, policy makers and place leaders need to be thinking about now as we prepare for the age of longevity? 

Episode 11 - Where next for urban mobility? 

25th February 2021

In this episode Prof. Greg Clark meets Daniel Deparis, Head of Urban Mobility Solutions at Mercedes-Benz. As our towns and cities become more connected, so too are the ways in which we get around them. In this episode we explore how urban mobility is changing. How will connected vehicles shape the connected places of the future? What will they need...

Episode 12 - What can the past tell us about a Net Zero Future?

4th March 2021

In this episode we ask what we can we learn from past experience to help our transition to net-zero? How can we make sure that the massive and ambitious change ahead is one that promotes individual and societal wellbeing? 

Episode 13 - Mental Health, Wellbeing and Working from Home

11th March 2021

In this episode we ask how place leaders and city planners can help create homes, high streets, public spaces and urban infrastructure which enable human flourishing. We hear from three experts in mental health, human-centred design and...

Episode 14 - Building Back Better, Faster and Greener 

18th March 2021

In this episode Prof. Greg Clark meets Amanda Clack, Executive Director at CBRE, one of the largest commercial real estate services companies in the world. The pandemic and its economic fallout have had a huge impact on the built environment sector. Yet if the UK is going to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, it needs to urgently...

Episode 15 - The Future of England’s Roads

25th March 2021

In this episode Prof. Greg Clark meets Paul Doney, Director of Innovation & Continuous Improvement at Highways England – the highway, traffic and street authority that manages 4,300 miles of England’s roads...

Episode 16 - Accelerating the Active Travel Market

22nd April 2021

Active travel is one of the most exciting areas of growth and opportunity within urban mobility – the kind of getting from A to B where your legs, arms and heart have to do their fair share of the work...

Episode 17 - Hubs of Innovation: The Importance of Understanding Place

29th April 2021

How does innovation happen in a place? What does it take to create and sustain an innovation hub? What is it about a district, a neighbourhood, a cluster or a corridor that makes it possible for innovation to flourish?

Episode 18 - Connected and Secure Places: A conversation with Matt Warman MP, Minister for Digital Infrastructure

7th May 2021

We’ve all had to find new and creative ways to stay connected over the last year. But one of the most important has been maintaining our digital connectivity. The pandemic has shone a spotlight on all...

Episode 19 - Connecting and Levelling Up in the UK: A conversation with Lord Kerslake

13th May 2021

The Queen’s Speech this week – which sets out the UK Government’s legislative programme for Parliament – promised levelling up opportunities across all parts of the United Kingdom, supporting jobs, businesses 

and economic growth, as well as addressing the impact of the COVID...

Episode 20 - Connecting Greater Manchester with Sir Howard Bernstein

20th May 2021

When we think about how places change, we often think in the short term over single business cycles, Mayoral terms or a city’s immediate response to crises and formative events. But stepping back and taking...

Episode 21 - Net Zero Energy and the Future of Active Travel with Lucy Yu

27th May 2021

If the UK is going to hit its net zero targets by 2050 we need to decarbonise across every sector of the economy – that includes shifting from fossil fuel consumption to electrification and other sustainable energy sources...

Episode 22 - Hubs of Innovation II – Servicing the new economy with Chris Oglesby

3rd June 2021

In this next part of our series on Hubs of Innovation, we return to the question of how innovation happens in a place. What is it about a district, a neighbourhood, or a corridor that makes it possible for innovation to...

Episode 23 - Technology cycles and Cyber-secure places with Dr Alison Vincent 

9th June 2021

Cycles of technologies and innovations have been connecting and shaping the places where we live and work for centuries - from aqueduct and sewerage systems through to the advent of the motor vehicle, railway and the skyscraper. But the digital age has accelerated the pace...

Episode 24 - Active Travel II: Accelerating the UK Market

17th June 2021

In episode 16, “Accelerating the UK active travel market” we explored one of the most exciting areas of growth and opportunity within urban mobility, and why it matters so much to the Connected Places Catapult, and the future of healthy, connected and net zero places. Active travel is about...

Episode 25 - Melbourne’s Road to a Resilient Green Recovery with Lord Mayor Sally Capp

24th June 202

We’re running a series of dialogues with Mayors from around the world in the lead up to the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow later this year. In the first conversation in the series, we begin with a city that is often lauded as one of the most liveable in the world: Melbourne, one of Australia’s urban...

Episode 26 - Building the Net Zero Infrastructure of Tomorrow with Nick Chism

1st July 2021

The physical and digital infrastructure that connects and powers our towns, cities and transport systems is something we don’t often think about until emergency strikes. Which is why in countries all around the world the COVID pandemic has refocussed our attention on the resilience and adaptability of our infrastructure. Yet ironically, how we design, build and...

Episode 27 - Introducing the UK Cities Climate Investment Commission

22nd July 2021

How can cities strengthen their business cases for net zero investment? And if their plans are brought together and aligned in a new and creative ways, could they generate greater scale, volume and predictability in ways that might make them more attractive to investors?

Episode 28 - Planning the Future of New York with Rit Aggarwala

29th July 202

Cities aren’t so much becoming smart, they’ve always been smart and the history of urban technology is often forgotten when it comes to cities. Yet even the most global and future-facing of cities are living legacies of long histories. Taking a long view of innovation can help us think more creatively in the present about the many possible futures that...

Episode 29 - Manchester’s Road to Recovery and Net Zero with Sir Richard Leese

5th August 2021

In this instalment of our City Leader’s dialogues, “The net zero road to COP26 and beyond”, we speak to the Leader of Manchester City Council in the north of England; one of the most important cities in the history of the industrial revolution and the story of modern Britain. Manchester has been a hive of innovation, and the urban and industrial technology that’s come...

Episode 30 - Hubs of Innovation III: Local Authorities as Curators

12th August 2021

How does innovation happen in a place? What is it about a district, a neighbourhood, a cluster or a corridor that makes it possible for innovation to flourish? And what is the role of local authorities in curating innovation within and between places? In the 2021 Budget, the UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak MP announced a commitment,,,

Episode 31 - Active Travel III: Accelerating the UK Market

26th August 2021

In recent months we’ve been exploring one of the most exciting areas of growth and opportunity within urban mobility, and why it matters so much to the Connected Places Catapult, and the future of healthy, connected and net zero places. Active travel is about creating options for us to move more. This can have a massive impact on our physical and mental health, the,,,