My Perfect City

1. The green city: San Francisco, USA

27 minutes

Is San Francisco’s recycling scheme and sustainable public transport a model to follow?

2. The smart city: Seoul, South Korea

27 minutes

How is data being used to help Seoul run smoothly? And how have 20,000 sensors transformed life in Santander, Spain?

3. The 24-hour city: London, UK

27 minutes

As investment in the night-time economy rises, we look at how this is working in London. Is anywhere else doing a better job?

4. Participatory budgeting: Paris, France

27 minutes

In Paris citizens vote on how to spend the city’s budget. Is this a model to follow?

5. Knife crime: Glasgow, Scotland

27 minutes

How Glasgow, which has one of the highest murder rates in Europe, is tackling knife crime.

6. Medellin, Colombia: Slums and urban regeneration

27 minutes

How a huge civic project transformed the violent neighbourhoods of Medellin, Colombia's second city.

7. The green city: Oslo, Norway

53 minutes

What can Oslo – the European Green Capital of 2019 – offer to the perfect city?

8. Employment in Toronto, Canada

26 minutes

Is a Canadian city's approach to unemployment one that other cities should consider?

9. Mental Health in Singapore

26 minutes

People who live in cities are more likely to experience mental health problems than their rural counterparts. Has Singapore found a solution that other cities should follow?

10. Housing in Vienna

27 minutes

In Vienna housing is considered a basic human right, and 60 percent of citizens live in subsidised social housing. Is it a model other cities should follow?

11. Integration in Rotterdam

23 minutes

Rotterdam is lauded for its policies on integrating immigrant populations into the city. What exactly has it got right?

12. Women entrepreneurs in Kochi

27 minutes

Kochi in southwest India is making female entrepreneurship a priority. Is it a blueprint other cities should follow?

13. Communities in Barcelona

23 minutes

Barcelona has always put strong communities as a key aim of its urban planning. What has it got right, and should other cities follow suit?