My Perfect City

1. The green city: San Francisco, USA

27 minutes

Is San Francisco’s recycling scheme and sustainable public transport a model to follow?

2. The smart city: Seoul, South Korea

27 minutes

How is data being used to help Seoul run smoothly? And how have 20,000 sensors transformed life in Santander, Spain?

3. The 24-hour city: London, UK

27 minutes

As investment in the night-time economy rises, we look at how this is working in London. Is anywhere else doing a better job?

4. Participatory budgeting: Paris, France

27 minutes

In Paris citizens vote on how to spend the city’s budget. Is this a model to follow?

5. Knife crime: Glasgow, Scotland

27 minutes

How Glasgow, which has one of the highest murder rates in Europe, is tackling knife crime.

6. Medellin, Colombia: Slums and urban regeneration

27 minutes

How a huge civic project transformed the violent neighbourhoods of Medellin, Colombia's second city.

7. The green city: Oslo, Norway

53 minutes

What can Oslo – the European Green Capital of 2019 – offer to the perfect city?

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