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Connected Places is a podcast about the future of our towns, cities and transport systems. In each episode Greg speaks to thought leaders, senior industry figures, innovators and businesses from around the world about the new technologies that are shaping the places of tomorrow. 


6th August 2020

Across 6 episodes we’ll be looking into the future of planning, housing, real estate, mobility, town centres and innovation economies. We’ll be asking businesses and innovators how...

Episode 1 - “What now for the future of planning?

19th August 2020

How do we plan the places of tomorrow? Where is the digitisation of the planning system taking us? What skills will the planner of the future need? And how is COVID-19...

Episode 2 - “What now for the innovation economy and places?"

27th August 2020

How does innovation happen in places? What does it mean for a place to be an innovation location? And how important... 

Episode 3 - "What now for public transport?"

3rd September 2020

As we gradually start getting back onto trains, buses, trams and tubes how will we get safely from A to B? What does the COVID-19...

Episode 4: "What now for cities and city centres?"

10th September 2020

Some profound changes are happening in our city centres, and the pandemic is certainly playing a big part. Activity and footfall in our shops, restaurants, and central business districts have plummeted in recent months. Yet, some of these changes have been rumbling away for years...

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